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2024’s Most Anticipated: Image Pakistan’s All-White Collection

Adorn the colours of Spring with Image Pakistan’s exclusive Prinktkari’24 collection. From digital prints to schiffli embroidery, find more information here.

The Allure Of All-White

The allure of the colour white is one that has indelibly left its mark on the fashion world. Think Princess Diana waltzing into history in her enchanting white wedding gown, an emblem of romance and unparalleled style. Fast forward to Michelle Obama, who slayed the fashion game in a show-stopping white Jason Wu gown at the inaugural ball, exuding strength and modern elegance. These iconic women, draped in white, have transformed it into a canvas of sophistication, proving that this colour is not just a shade; it's a powerful statement, a symbol of grace and allure that transcends the ages

Timeless & Contemporary: Image Pakistan’s All-White Collection

Enter Image Pakistan, savvy to the game with its signature white schiffli, offering an unmissable Eastern twist into the all-white matching set trend. Cue the classic white kurta for women. The result? A manifestation of beauty that doesn't just dance with elegance but also transcends the confines of time. Pakistan's unique spin, including dazzling white kurta designs for girls, weaves in a tapestry of cultural richness and sophistication, blending tradition seamlessly with the modern vibe. The allure of the white chikankari kurta, rocking that Pakistan-specific eastern flair, epitomises an irresistible aesthetic that's not just for the moment but for the ages, showcasing a style that stands tall against the ever-changing tides of fashion.

Image has always stood at the forefront of fashion. Now, they've unveiled a breathtaking all-white kurta collection that showcases their trendsetting prowess. This collection is a kaleidoscope of styles with something for every taste and occasion. From the playfully girlish allure of some designs to the timeless sophistication of more classic styles, each piece tells a story. Picture yourself in a pristine white kurta with intricate embroidery, exuding elegance and charm. For those who lean towards a more youthful vibe, there are options that capture a playful yet stylish essence, blending contemporary trends seamlessly.

Avant Garde & Yet Affordable

Did someone say retail therapy? Lucky for you, your wallets don’t have to make a run to afford these luxury pieces. And so, unashamedly indulge in the classic allure of mature styles that radiate timeless grace. It doesn't matter if you're drawn to bold contrasts or soft tones, Image Pakistan’s all-white, exclusive collection has something for you. No matter where your fashion compass points, there's a piece inviting you to express your unique style

Some Whites We’d Make A Run For

Envision yourself donned in the timeless sophistication of a high-contrast, mature classic kurta. The iconic interplay of black and white has always been a hallmark of fashion, and now, you too can don this contrast. Let your gaze wander over the delicate and minimalist embroidery near the neckline and sleeves adding a touch of refined artistry. Step into the allure of contrasting tones and meticulous craftsmanship, accentuating the ageless beauty that resonates through the simplicity and sophistication of black and white fashion.


Step into a world of enchantment with our all-white embroidery on white schiffli kurta – a collaboration of elegance and ethereal charm! Embracing closed collars and the graceful sway of bell sleeves, this kurta captures a harmonious blend of maturity and femininity. Delicate karhai of small flowers adds a touch of intricate artistry, elevating the allure of the ensemble. Immerse yourself in the subtlety and timeless appeal of this kurta, an embodiment of sophistication that seamlessly intertwines with your innate femininity.Embrace the allure, set your style free, and let this kurta showcase your sense of elegance!

For those with a penchant for all things modern, we've got just the fashion-forward marvel for you. Picture this: a sleek collared kurta adorned with puffy sleeves and a chic boxy cut, redefining the conventional image of a kurta. We're breaking barriers and reshaping norms, offering a fusion that seamlessly blends western and eastern sensibilities. It's beyond just clothes; it's a stylish statement that blurs the lines between a blouse and a kurta. Why not venture into this fashion frontier, where innovation meets tradition, and make a bold and unique statement with your style?

In the world of fashion, simplicity takes centre stage, and our all-white, plain kurta is the epitome of understated elegance. Here, we let the purity of white take the lead, allowing it to radiate and shine effortlessly. The pearly tone of the fabric casts a celestial glow, making you appear as if bathed in moonlight. Delicate detailing along the sleeves adds a subtle touch of sophistication, creating a tasteful appeal that speaks volumes without being loud. Step into the subtle charm of simplicity, where every thread tells a story of refined grace and timeless beauty.

For a more feminine look, drape yourself in the round-cut flowy frock style of this white kurta for women. Imagine bell sleeves adding a playful touch, while the flowing bottom of the fabric gracefully mirrors the petals of a lily. The V-neck adds a touch of sophistication, while the flowing shape embraces the more playful traits of girlhood. It's a style that effortlessly blends femininity with a touch of sweetness, creating an ensemble that's not just fresh but also exudes a charming elegance.

How To Elevate The All-White Look

Indeed, each of these white looks make a statement of their own. But dressing up never hurt nobody, right? Elevating your outfit is not just about the attire – it's an artful composition. For a distinctly girlish and feminine allure, delve into a refined approach to styling. Embrace a neutral colour palette for eyeshadows, leaning into earthy tones or soft pastels that harmonise seamlessly with the inherent purity of white. Alternatively, make a statement with a bold lip, injecting a vibrant pop of colour that adds a delightful contrast. When it comes to hairstyles, opt for sophisticated updos like a classic bun or intricate braided styles. These not only exude elegance but also ensure that the spotlight remains firmly on your exquisite white embroidered kurta. Accessorising is the final stroke of finesse. Gold takes centre stage here, effortlessly pairing with the pristine white backdrop. Consider donning gold statement earrings, bangles, or a captivating necklace to infuse a touch of opulent glamour into your ensemble. It's these meticulous details that transform your attire into a masterpiece, where every element works in harmony to enhance your overall presence and style.

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